Barebells Crunch Fudge

Barebells Crunch Fudge

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Life’s too short not to enjoy the little things in life. Our Crunchy Fudge is filled with creamy caramel covered in milk chocolate and topped with crunchy sprinkles. And still 20 grams of protein and no added sugar. So go ahead and enjoy all of your upcoming workouts. Your new routines. And your new Crunchy Fudge!

Nutrion Facts per 100 g (per 55 g)
ENERGY 1584 kJ (879 kJ) /379 kcal (208 kcal)
FAT 15 g (8 g), saturated fat 6,6 g (3,6 g)
CARBOHYDRATE 33 g (18 g), sugars 2,5 g (1,4 g)
FIBER 5,4 g (3 g)
PROTEIN 36 g (20 g)
SALT 0,16 g (0,09 g)
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