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BSN Supplements (or Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition, Inc, to give this sports nutrition company its full name) was founded in 2001 and its cutting-edge sports nutrition products have earned the company a market-leading reputation for innovation worldwide among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. BSN Supplements products are typical of the top quality products from leading brands found in stock at Barron's Supplements, and the company's Syntha-6 product has become a particularly popular seller throughout Ireland and the UK

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The BSN nutrition range at Barron's Supplements encompasses a number of flavour and size variations of the BSN Syntha-6 product. Syntha-6 is an ultra-premium brand protein powder that contains 22g of protein per serving, along with a blend of amino acids, essential fatty acids, and is also rich in fibre. This blend of fibre, acids and protein makes Syntha-6 one of the most renowned multi-functional protein supplements on the market. Among the BSN nutrition Syntha-6 products are the best-selling, yummy salted caramel flavour (available in 1.78kg tubs), as well as the equally scrumptious Cookies & Cream (1.73kg) and New York Vanilla Cheesecake (2.27kg) flavours. These flavours have helped BSN to gain recognition as the provider of one of the best tasting protein products on the market.

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BSN's range of dynamic, market-leading, innovative, multi-functional sports nutrition products have been devised to serve the needs of a myriad of lifestyle and consumer requirements, not just the needs of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. While of course the latter market has been important to the growth of the company, it is the mass appeal that has helped BSN become one of the best-selling brands in sports nutrition. BSN is also one of the most storied brandnames in the sports nutrition business, having garnered more than 345 prestigious sports nutrition awards during the past six years alone. That's why it's important to have a reliable supplier, such as Barron's Supplements, to ensure that your BSN needs will always be met.
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