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Weight gain products are most typically associated with the diets and fitness regimes of body builders and other high intensity sports professionals. If your lifestyle and fitness goal is to gain overall body mass and muscle, then a calorie-dense weight gainer product is worth considering. For body builders in particular, and fitness enthusiasts in general, calorie requirements are much higher than they for someone not leading an active lifestyle. The best weight gainer products usually come in shake format, and every shake serving is crammed with upwards of 1,000 calories. So if your general dietary intake must increase, you will have no difficulty meeting the typical body builders' 4,000-plus calories per day target if you are using weigh gaining shakes. Of course, this is your body and your welfare, so it is vital that you should use only the most reliable and best weight gainer shakes and products. Contact Barron's Supplements for best advice on gaining weight and other supplements and products taken as part of a health, fitness and wellness regime.

Barron's Supplements – your number one source for Weight Gain products

You won't find a more comprehensive supply of weight gain products than the stock at Barron's Supplements. This is characteristic of the ethos of Barron's Supplements—to stock only the world leading brands and quality sports nutrition products. Barron's Supplements is one of the best sources sports supplements in Ireland and the UK. The commitment of management and staff to excellence in customer service is reflected in a comprehensive range of nutritious, healthy food and supplements, and has sealed the Barron's name and reputation as a trusted supplier of quality sports supplements.

Why use weight gainers?

Weight gain products are shakes, dense in calories, typically used by body builders, weight trainers and other high intensity professionals and fitness enthusiasts to gain the necessary body mass for balanced weight training. Not only will they help you to reach the daily calorie intake, but also they are rich in particular dietary fats (such as medium chain triglycerides, rather than saturated fats) which will keep your fitness regime on track. For further information visit Barron's Supplements.
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